Handy Bash Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Task
CTRL-L Clears the screen
CTRL-D Exits the current shell
CTRL-Z Puts the current process into suspended background
CTRL-C Kills the current process
CTRL-H Works the same as backspace
CTRL-A Goes to the beginning of the line
CTRL-W Deletes the word before the cursor
CTRL-U Deletes from beginning of line to cursor position
CTRL-E Goes to the end of the line
Tab Auto-completes files, directories, and binaries


Mac OSX Hard Disk Recovery

Couldn’t mount a disk image taken from a failing HDD.

1. Attach the image file in osx:
hdiutil attach -noverify -nomount /path/to/disk.dmg

2. Download Photorec from, unpack and launch the binary file

3. Select the attached disk, confirm it’s name through terminal:
diskutil list

4. Configure options in Photorec and leave it restoring what it can!