EMIS Install

1. IT logs onto the PC with local admin privileges / runs the following installers with elevated privileges
2. Nurse logs onto (the Nurse must login to “Oxfordshire-GP”) and downloads the VPN client
3. IT installs the VPN client on the target PC
4. The nurse connects to the VPN using his/her credentials
5. IT connects to (username and password required – available via phone from myself or EMIS support) and downloads “SDS 6 Install.exe”
6. IT installs “SDS 6 Install.exe” obtaining the nurses surgery site ID to complete the installation
7. The nurse logs into EMIS
8. IT completes the auto-updating of the software
9. IT logs off local admin / removes elevated privileges and disconnects EMIS and VPN
10. Nurse runs through the VPN connection and EMIS launch using their own user account

Doctor EMIS

EMIS Doctor’s Software Printing Failure

The Doctor’s EMIS software was unable to print to the Brother laserjet printer. It printed fine from Windows and other software.

The problem was with the configuration of the printer from within EMIS. Once the Doctor was logged into the system clicking “Config > Printing ” and then de-selecting the “Select Size” (or similier) check box solved the problem of printing, and adjusting the X/Y alignment corrected the final print.