PowerShell get-help update-help

Troubleshooting update-help in Powershell can be simplified using the -Force and -Ea 0 commands to continue past errors along with the to “-Ev what” to record the errors in a verbose manner to the $what variable.

The $what variable can then be reviewed more closely and the cause of the failure (hopefully) identified.

Update-Help  -Force -Ea 0 -Ev what

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xcopy /C/H/R/S/Y c:\ d:\

/C = Continues copying even if errors occur
/H = Copies hidden and system files also
/R = Overwrites read-only files
/S = Copies directories and subdirectories
/Y = Overwrites existing files without asking


robocopy c:\ d:\ /MIR /R:0 /W:0

/MIR = Mirror entire directory structure (can use /E instead)
/R:0 = 0 retries for read/write failures
/W:0 = 0 seconds between retries

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